The throat infection made me to visit my family doctor and he gave 3 injections be taken on alternate days. When I went for the last day injection, the hospital was severely crowded & had to wait for my turn.

The front desk woman sent two people for injection at a time. I got clubbed with a 10-year-old boy & her mom was cajoling him, because he was afraid of the injection.

Once I & the kid was in the doctor’s room, the doctor completed his check up for the boy & asked him to lie on the bed with butt facing the sky. Before doctor gave the injection, the kid started crying.

That’s where I got a chance to play the role of an adult. I told the boy, that the injection would not pain, it would feel like an ant bite.

Without a second of gap, doctor replied to the kid, Oh boy this adult, but he cried until he was 17! The kid laughed like anything & the doctor managed his injection without making the guy cry.

When the kid left the room, he turned back, saw my face clearly & laughed once more. Like the AXN most amazing Videos, I have a something like “most embarrassing moment’s” list. Truly this incident is on the top 10.

While I came out of the hospital, the kid caught me again from the pharmacy and laughed! I wanted some private space to hide my face 😦

I got sight of a Rig drilling the earth for Bore well. Mother earth got injected & her tears would make the people happy.


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