Train Ticket

Year 1999

Chennai is one of the Metropolitan city in India which has high suburban train connectivity. I used a service from Chromepet to Guindy on daily basis, to take my college bus from Guindy.

The Friday’s  usually seem a good day in train to get back to home. All the school/college children, guys, & girls would be in great mood thinking about weekend.

While I was waiting in Guindy railway station, I saw 3 young school students playing in the platform. They might be studying 7th or 8th grade  & the uniform suggested that they belong to Government school.

There came a man with a small bag buried deep in his underarm. He was in complete formal attire with sports shoe & his tummy was clinging over the belt. His look proposed himself as a Ticket collector (TC).

He went straight to the boys and asked for tickets.

First guys took out a bus ticket & the second guy took out a cinema ticket. The TC got pissed off by seeing this act.

The TC insisted for a train ticket & all three replied in chorus that they did not take ticket!. The TC got convinced that he need to fine all of them.

He took out the charge sheet & asked whether the guys had 150 rupee. The Second guy told, that they spent all the money in cinemas & they do not have any money.

Thinking that he had enough rights to searc hthe guys, the TC started diggign the first guys pocket. He found out a TRAIN SEASON PASS (equal to a ticket for a month or 90 days or 180 days).

His ears were fuming and hair stood up. He inquired them, why they did not show the PASS  the first time.

They all told that, the Vijay film which they managed to see cutting their class turned out to be a junk one & they needed to De-stress themselves. Saying this, like a lightning they escaped the scene.


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