Coffee Stain

Year 2010 May 28th

Friday’s, I love to wear the Wills Sports Trousers. It is very comfortable and the cotton material gives a rich texture.

Today Morning, I pressed the trouser well & married her with a matching shirt.While I was about to leave home, I found a small coffee stain on the right thigh side of the trouser.

Feeling not so good to wear a stained trouser, I quickly changed into another one & left home. Half way through my commute, I realized that my wallet got missing. I checked my cab and results were negative.

I told my cab mate that I would go home and check whether the wallet was there & requested him to leave my laptop in my desk. I took my office ID card, so that they allow me inside the campus while I return.

Reaching home, I understood that I left my house key in my office Laptop bag. Assuming that the owner would have duplicate keys, I went to owner’s house to check whether they had the duplicate keys.

The Owner told that they did not have any duplicate keys for my house. The home & office got separated by 10 km route & more than 10 signals. I called my office mate to bring the key to my house.

After an agonizing 90 minute wait, the guy brought the keys. I went in and searched the home to learn that my wallet was missing.

Now my mind started panicking. After a thorough search , I found my wallet was hiding in the Wills Trouser.

The coffee stain led to sequence of events which by itself are not bad, but the way I reacted to it made my morning an unpleasant one.


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