Rainy Day – Wet Mind

Year 1997

The Cloudy evening made me lazy. I thought of bunking my Maths tuition. My mom made the coffee for me & insisted to attend tuition. The aroma of the coffee was so crisp, it occupied my mind until  I reached the tuition.

The DEER brand umbrella which I carried for saving myself from getting drenched, served the purpose well.

The Maths class got partly filled by students. Many executed my idea of bunking the class. Normally, for my height – I should occupy the front seat. Since the fan got positioned for the front seats, I comfortably sat on the last seat.

At the end of the session, I saw a girl giving me a pleasing smile. Oh my god, I did not bring my comb. I just managed to ruffle my hair a bit and made them look good.

I smiled back for which she acknowledged with another one. My partially drenched dress was dry now, because of the heat my body generated. Obviously the heat was due to her smile.

At the end of the class, she asked me whether she could walk with me till her home in my Umbrella. My brain chemistry got boosted well and before me thinking anything, the mouth answered a big YES.

Some guys who came in rain coat were throwing an angry look on me.

Since she was taller than me, she held the umbrella & I felt I was flying. The reality banged my head, when her father came with an umbrella’s for her.

She thanked me and left like a bird in the wind. I folded my umbrella and enjoyed the rain till my home.