Rama & Babur

Disclaimer: The below work is of pure imagination & it is not to hurt any people, religion,caste,creed & any sentiments.

Babur: Hi Rama, Hope you’re doing fine.

Rama:  Hey Babur, yeah am great, thanks & how about you.

Babur: Am fantastic & eagerly waiting for the verdict.

Rama:  Oh! Am also as curious as you are!

Babur: Why are you so curious about it?

Rama:  I want to know whether I will get a place in Ayodhya.

Babur: Is there a doubt in it? You have a place in everyone’s heart.

Rama:  Yeah (proudly)… Even though I was born in Ayodhya I’ve spent most of my life in the forests.

Babur: (Laughing)… You know what; the name of the mosque itself was Masjid-i Janmasthan until 1940. And it got named that way to declare that it was your birthplace. (If you do not believe me, please visit Wikipedia for history.)

Rama: Oh yeah, I forgot the history because; I was busy doing my work saving all people. By the way, how was your Ramzan

Babur: It was great and your brothers came for the function and it was a pleasant surprise. I and my family got honored by this.

Rama:  Please do come for Diwali to our home and make it a fantastic and memorable one.

Babur: Sure Rama, I would definitely join you for Diwali.

Rama:  Hey Babur, Please excuse me, I got to visit the Sethu Samudhiram Site for some project work. Catch you later.

Babur: Oh no issues, I too have a meeting with my Counsel. See you…

Babur & Rama departed praying for the wellness of all people.


Babur & Rama

Disclaimer: The below work is of pure imagination & it is not to hurt any people, religion,caste,creed & any sentiments.

Babur: Hi Rama, Hope you’re doing fine.

Rama:  Hey Babur, yeah am great, thanks & how about you.

Babur: Am fantastic & eagerly waiting for the verdict.

Rama:  Verdict? You mean knowing the fact?  Am also as curious as you are!

Babur: Yeah – to know the fact. Why are you so curious about it ?

Rama:  I want to know what is the percentage I would get..

Babur: I too have the same doubt, but we are always unsure about what these people are thinking. And the percentage really matter!

Rama:  Truly, they think we can survive with a little percentage or they give one person more percentage and one person less percentage. That really hurts the feelings.

Babur: Oh come on… Do not worry Ram

Rama:  How can I not worry Babur? By the way, what are your plans after Sep 30th? Are you planning to relocate?

Babur: Most probably. I do not like this place & anyway I always loved to go back. It all depends again on time.

Rama:  All the best Babur. It’s time for me to leave.

Babur: See you Ram

Babur & Rama were discussing about their appraisal & Babur happily relocated to his native for a new job.


Year 2004

Though I lived in  Chennai (Madras), I never experienced the cosmopolitan nature & life of it as its name suggests. That would be because, I have Predominantly lived in the southern part of Chennai, where things happen in conservative way.

This year,I relocated to Bangalore for my new career plan. Enjoying the weather and the new surrounding, my mind and heart was fully high-spirited.

The girls in the T-shirts/Jeans, all made my mind crazy. After few days of my Bangalore life, I noticed something very different from my south Chennai experience. Many of the girls who got dressed in salwar kameez, never wore a dupatta. I got confused about this, but couldn’t confirm why!

The first Friday in my Bangalore life arrived & I got eager about what the girls would look on a casual dress code. After reaching office, I went to café to notice, that many were wearing a shawl!

Oops… I did not expect this. I got a bit dejected, and my wild expectations got snubbed well. Later in the evening I found that all those who were in Shawl, were actually wearing a Jeans/T-shirt.

Still my understandings are not clear, why some one is covering them well with shawl for a dress code like Jeans & why they are not bothered about dupatta for a dress code like salwar.



மிகக் கொடிய பசியுடன்  அனைவரும் கிளம்பினோம்
எங்களது நண்பனின் பதவி உயர்விற்கான விருந்துக்கு

வழி நெடுக குளு குளு காரில் சொகுசுப் பயணம்
வந்த எங்களை வரவேற்றுச்சென்றாள் ஒருத்தி…

பேசிச் சிரித்தோம்  பழசையும் புதுசையும்
உண்டு களித்தோம் உணவையும் மதுவையும்

ஏழாயிரம் ரூபாய் செலவாம் இந்த விருந்துக்கு!
சந்தோசமாய் கையெழுத்திட்டான் கடன் அட்டை சீட்டில்

வெளியே வந்த நண்பனிடம் –
ஐயா பசிக்குது என்றார் எழுபது வயது கிழவன்

செய்த செலவோடு சேர்ந்தது பத்து ரூபாய்
மனமார வாழ்த்தப் பட்டோம் அனைவரும்!

What you do

Dear Son,

You have reached 15 months now. You know what all you are doing ?

You dance to the music.
You give flying kisses which are lovely.
You spit your saliva & some times food, on my face & my well pressed dress.
You always see my feet to verify whether my slippers are on. If it is, you are jumping to come out with me.
You give a very bad cry when I go to office. I know it feels very bad to you without me for an entire day.
You want to see how mom is making dosa in kitchen.
You can recognize the dishes as hot or cold.You squeeze your mouth and say shooooooo to mean it as hot!
You try to punch me as hard as you can and I act as if It’s paining like anything.
You know how to answer a phone call, your hand automatically goes to your ear as if it’s like a receiver.
You tease other kids & mimic their cries.
You test my patience, by crying as loud as you can at 2 am.
You are possessive about your mom.

More to say about your way.

Loving dad

Cost to Company

June 2010

After a long time, I got a chance to chat with my school friend. He returned from Europe to India for good. After me inquiring him about his wellness & his family’s… The very first question from him was…

What is your Cost to Company (CTC) ?

I questioned him, why he wanted to know my CTC… for which he replied that he could compare him against mine. Personally, I do not like any comparisons, but to please him I gave an answer. After a minute of thought, he replied that he is taking One lakh rupees lesser than me.

Also he told, that he must talk to his manager on the same. My reactions did not have any choice than to affirm him.

Couple of months later, I heard from him that he is getting CTC equal to mine. Why would I let him know that I got a hike this August ?

Cost to Company … Costing some relations…