What you do

Dear Son,

You have reached 15 months now. You know what all you are doing ?

You dance to the music.
You give flying kisses which are lovely.
You spit your saliva & some times food, on my face & my well pressed dress.
You always see my feet to verify whether my slippers are on. If it is, you are jumping to come out with me.
You give a very bad cry when I go to office. I know it feels very bad to you without me for an entire day.
You want to see how mom is making dosa in kitchen.
You can recognize the dishes as hot or cold.You squeeze your mouth and say shooooooo to mean it as hot!
You try to punch me as hard as you can and I act as if It’s paining like anything.
You know how to answer a phone call, your hand automatically goes to your ear as if it’s like a receiver.
You tease other kids & mimic their cries.
You test my patience, by crying as loud as you can at 2 am.
You are possessive about your mom.

More to say about your way.

Loving dad


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