Year 2004

Though I lived in  Chennai (Madras), I never experienced the cosmopolitan nature & life of it as its name suggests. That would be because, I have Predominantly lived in the southern part of Chennai, where things happen in conservative way.

This year,I relocated to Bangalore for my new career plan. Enjoying the weather and the new surrounding, my mind and heart was fully high-spirited.

The girls in the T-shirts/Jeans, all made my mind crazy. After few days of my Bangalore life, I noticed something very different from my south Chennai experience. Many of the girls who got dressed in salwar kameez, never wore a dupatta. I got confused about this, but couldn’t confirm why!

The first Friday in my Bangalore life arrived & I got eager about what the girls would look on a casual dress code. After reaching office, I went to café to notice, that many were wearing a shawl!

Oops… I did not expect this. I got a bit dejected, and my wild expectations got snubbed well. Later in the evening I found that all those who were in Shawl, were actually wearing a Jeans/T-shirt.

Still my understandings are not clear, why some one is covering them well with shawl for a dress code like Jeans & why they are not bothered about dupatta for a dress code like salwar.



3 Replies to “Shawl-Dupatta”

  1. Ha ha..Am shocked you had a “wild expectation” on a casual Friday to just see the chicks. Second there is no set dress code’s every individuals choice..u jus take it as it comes.

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