Babur & Rama

Disclaimer: The below work is of pure imagination & it is not to hurt any people, religion,caste,creed & any sentiments.

Babur: Hi Rama, Hope you’re doing fine.

Rama:  Hey Babur, yeah am great, thanks & how about you.

Babur: Am fantastic & eagerly waiting for the verdict.

Rama:  Verdict? You mean knowing the fact?  Am also as curious as you are!

Babur: Yeah – to know the fact. Why are you so curious about it ?

Rama:  I want to know what is the percentage I would get..

Babur: I too have the same doubt, but we are always unsure about what these people are thinking. And the percentage really matter!

Rama:  Truly, they think we can survive with a little percentage or they give one person more percentage and one person less percentage. That really hurts the feelings.

Babur: Oh come on… Do not worry Ram

Rama:  How can I not worry Babur? By the way, what are your plans after Sep 30th? Are you planning to relocate?

Babur: Most probably. I do not like this place & anyway I always loved to go back. It all depends again on time.

Rama:  All the best Babur. It’s time for me to leave.

Babur: See you Ram

Babur & Rama were discussing about their appraisal & Babur happily relocated to his native for a new job.


2 Replies to “Babur & Rama”

  1. ha ha good imagination.. where god’s are in so much of confusion for a common man it would be more than this!!!! lol.. lets wait and watch:)

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