Rama & Babur

Disclaimer: The below work is of pure imagination & it is not to hurt any people, religion,caste,creed & any sentiments.

Babur: Hi Rama, Hope you’re doing fine.

Rama:  Hey Babur, yeah am great, thanks & how about you.

Babur: Am fantastic & eagerly waiting for the verdict.

Rama:  Oh! Am also as curious as you are!

Babur: Why are you so curious about it?

Rama:  I want to know whether I will get a place in Ayodhya.

Babur: Is there a doubt in it? You have a place in everyone’s heart.

Rama:  Yeah (proudly)… Even though I was born in Ayodhya I’ve spent most of my life in the forests.

Babur: (Laughing)… You know what; the name of the mosque itself was Masjid-i Janmasthan until 1940. And it got named that way to declare that it was your birthplace. (If you do not believe me, please visit Wikipedia for history.)

Rama: Oh yeah, I forgot the history because; I was busy doing my work saving all people. By the way, how was your Ramzan

Babur: It was great and your brothers came for the function and it was a pleasant surprise. I and my family got honored by this.

Rama:  Please do come for Diwali to our home and make it a fantastic and memorable one.

Babur: Sure Rama, I would definitely join you for Diwali.

Rama:  Hey Babur, Please excuse me, I got to visit the Sethu Samudhiram Site for some project work. Catch you later.

Babur: Oh no issues, I too have a meeting with my Counsel. See you…

Babur & Rama departed praying for the wellness of all people.


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