My Morning Walk

The Festive seasons made me to take much sweets which resulted my tummy to expand an inch or two. The morning walk which was in dormant state for almost 6 months now needed – be called back for immediate effect on my tummy fat belts.

Alarm clock went off at 6 am and I promised myself to wake up after 5 minutes. After couple of snoozes, I couldn’t bear the alarm and woke up reluctantly.
I Dressed up for a morning walk and started from my home.

When I got into a road crossing, I found a squirrel. It seemed like staring at me. I wanted to recall whether I knew this Squirrel, but was unsuccessful on that attempt. The squirrel stared at me as if it knew me. It crossed the road so effectively and quickly , which I managed to cross seeing all sides for oncoming traffic. The Squirrel looked so beautiful to me. The way it broke the nut shell, was an amazing sight to me. The squirrel gave multiple squeaks and vanished in the woods. I continued my walk along the lake side.

After few hundred meters of walk, I got a chance to see a lot of Sparrow – after a very long time. It suddenly came to my knowledge that I missed these sparrows for a long time. Years back when I was a child, I used to listen to their chirp every morning, which normally wakes me up, than the worst alarm clock. Now all of them are gone, I do not get a chance to see them In the metros. it seemed like a very rare sight to see them.

I completed my onwards walk and started back my walk to home.

Now I peeped up the lake and found some Cranes hunting for their meal. One had a fish in its beak, the fish was in its last few moments. Hope soon it would succumb to death and be part of a juicy meal to the crane. The crane flew and exhibited its skill to land perfectly on the tree branch.

I had one more kilometer to walk back & I was imagining what all, I had missed in the last few years of my life. Thinking that am too busy in my life, I missed many of the natures beautiful moments. I assured myself , that I would not miss any further of those.

In the next few days, my alarm clock got moved into dormant state. I could now hear the voices of the sparrows waking me up. It all existed always, but it’s me who neglected the nature for unworthy reasons.


Simple Thinking

I strongly believe that, working for one employer for a long time deforms the thinking ability. Out of box thinking is extremely necessary in the current competitive world is a text-book saying! . Staying in one place normally gives the comfort level to think the way the organization wants and not to the level of our own mind.

Do we need Out of Box thinking?

Many problems which I have solved in my work life, solution got made from the learning’s of my school life. All out of box thinking are fundamentally the simple way of thinking which I call as “Simple Thinking”. The simple thinking is the toughest thing for adults & the easiest for kids & Adolescents. It gets tough for the adults because, adults think with assumptions.


Always we want to be on the safer side & lead a happy life with all the pleasures. So we assume more to favor ourselves. These favors are not really favoring us, but muting the level of our human ability to go beyond the limits.


The saying “Beyond Limits” does not necessarily be true for all humans. Because, there is no limit to anything. It’s all how we restrict ourselves and frame them as limits.

So what is the inference?

People who do not like to take risks can stay in one place for long enough and do dumb activities till death and be the CEO in Paradise!

Sea Food

Year 2006 – Hotel Basera – Chennai

The Re-Union of our school mates got arranged in Hotel Basera. All of us gathered at the correct time and everyone started ordering starters as off their choice.

One guy in our batch, always had a love for Sea food. Also his religion did not allow him to eat any non Halal food. So mostly he preferred Sea Food.

The beer slowly couched well in many of the mates tummy and triggered the stomach to order the main course.

While the bearer stood elegantly to take our order, this guy rushed to order and his tongue slipped and asked, “Do you have SHE foods?”

The Bearer did not understand the difference between the Sea & the She and he coolly replied, we have “Frawn Fry” Sir!

Listening to the chat between our friend and the bearer, all of us roared in laughter.

Both of them did not understand why we were laughing….