Sea Food

Year 2006 – Hotel Basera – Chennai

The Re-Union of our school mates got arranged in Hotel Basera. All of us gathered at the correct time and everyone started ordering starters as off their choice.

One guy in our batch, always had a love for Sea food. Also his religion did not allow him to eat any non Halal food. So mostly he preferred Sea Food.

The beer slowly couched well in many of the mates tummy and triggered the stomach to order the main course.

While the bearer stood elegantly to take our order, this guy rushed to order and his tongue slipped and asked, “Do you have SHE foods?”

The Bearer did not understand the difference between the Sea & the She and he coolly replied, we have “Frawn Fry” Sir!

Listening to the chat between our friend and the bearer, all of us roared in laughter.

Both of them did not understand why we were laughing….


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