Simple Thinking

I strongly believe that, working for one employer for a long time deforms the thinking ability. Out of box thinking is extremely necessary in the current competitive world is a text-book saying! . Staying in one place normally gives the comfort level to think the way the organization wants and not to the level of our own mind.

Do we need Out of Box thinking?

Many problems which I have solved in my work life, solution got made from the learning’s of my school life. All out of box thinking are fundamentally the simple way of thinking which I call as “Simple Thinking”. The simple thinking is the toughest thing for adults & the easiest for kids & Adolescents. It gets tough for the adults because, adults think with assumptions.


Always we want to be on the safer side & lead a happy life with all the pleasures. So we assume more to favor ourselves. These favors are not really favoring us, but muting the level of our human ability to go beyond the limits.


The saying “Beyond Limits” does not necessarily be true for all humans. Because, there is no limit to anything. It’s all how we restrict ourselves and frame them as limits.

So what is the inference?

People who do not like to take risks can stay in one place for long enough and do dumb activities till death and be the CEO in Paradise!


3 thoughts on “Simple Thinking

  1. I endorse the facts “Simple Thinking” and the deforming thinking ability by working for one employerm, but a peacful life is better than being powerful. There is quote of JRD Tata – “I don’t wish India be a superpower, but want it to be a peacful country!”

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