Swipe the Access card

Year 2010 December

My work place demands a Swipe in/out of Access card every time when we get into or go out of office premises.

I normally don’t tail gate the doors and always flash my card. Recently, a day when I got disturbed due to personal happenings, which I did not expect the way I wanted, I made my day trouble some.

I forgot to flash my card and almost the entire day got my attention only on my personal problems.

Later in the evening when I left the office, I flashed my card and boarded the Cab.

On my way back, I understood the philosophy of flashing the access card. On every swipe in of the access card, I thought I should leave behind all of my personal problems and concentrate on work. On every swipe out, I should leave behind all of my official issues there itself and think about my personal life.

Happy swiping!


Who am I

Am neither the Starting nor the ending,
Am like a flowing river.

Am neither good nor bad,
Am like the fire.

Am neither big nor small,
Am like the wind.

Am neither hard nor soft
Am like the earth.

Am neither high nor low,
Am like the space.

Am neither black nor white,
Am like the nature.