Second Time

Year 2006:

The news of her wedding left my mood in a terrible swing.

18 months back, I proposed to her about my love. She replied that I am her friend & she cannot think me as her better part. From then, I never attempted to express my love – even though I loved her. After all I believe, if I have true love for her, then I should not run behind her to explain it.

Now it’s all done, her marriage date got fixed. She is going to have a beautiful life, as I expected for her; Only the groom is different. I had to slowly stop her from flowing through my veins. Just three more weeks & she would be in her path.

The feeling of forgetting her turned my mind to remind her more. I am like every other human, the feeling did not go away. But two weeks ran quickly.

I couldn’t bare the pain of missing her. To divert my mind, I ranged one of our mutual friend. She told that , I should have attempted second time to express my love for winning my girl.

I asked her how sure you are about it? And my friend replied, those words are not from me but from your girl!

Should love be expressed multiple times?


5 thoughts on “Second Time

  1. I believe there is nothing wrong to convey love multiple times when you realize that you will love that person till the end.

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