God of Rules

One evening,

God of Death met God of Rules and told that the universal population is growing exponentially and asked God of  Rules to formulate a way to find who should die early.

God of Rules thought for a while and answered that It can create a three-phase approach. Any person’s age of death, their health, happiness all would be decided upon the group they fall.

The Categories were

1) Rules are completely adhered as Rules and followed.

2) Rules got considered as Guidelines and revisited  either be adhered or overridden.

3) Rules are always overridden.

God of Death got amused and replied

“So, the people who make this life a better and fairer one for others would be living happily & healthily!…  and others who make it worse would  be the ones closer to death”

God of rules Smiled and replied

People jumping signals, The ones who Jump the Queue,  The ones who have decided to live as Corrupt or Murderer and the ones who lose their moral would be ones who would be lined up first.


“If they have decided to Die, why would they cry!”


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