Get out

Year 1998

Since no one paid any attention to her lessons, Our computer science teacher got more angry.

My front bench occupied by 3 mates… cared a damn about her lessons. No one in the class paid any kind of attention. People did not like her because, her very poor English; made us to clearly understand nothing in her class.

She was good at computer languages, but not in English. Losing her patience, seeing the class amusing…  she shouted  “ Shut the mouth of everyone”.  For all the young blood who listened to this, roared in laughter.

Unable to control her anger, she loudly remarked to us … “ All 3 of you…get out  the bench” .

Since we did not want to insult her, We moved out of our bench and started lifting it!

That’s the last time I saw her & first time a teacher crying and leaving the class room.

Her hearty blessings… made most of us land into IT field 🙂