Then What Else?

Year 2011

One of my friend, wanted to meet all of his married friends and people who are in relationships. Yes, he is going to see a girl tomorrow on his marriage proposal .He never met any girl on marriage proposal front. He wanted, all of his friends valuable suggestion on what to talk and what not to.

The early morning sun seemed a good experience for my friend. His normal morning would be starting at 10:00am and today he advanced his clock by couple of hours. He brushed thrice, did not smoke and nicely clipped all his nails. The ruffled hair got a nice trim. He took bath and used , half bottle of body spray. Yes the girl’s house is a bit far and it’s also a bit sultry outside.

Girl’s home:

His mind recited all the valuable suggestions. His anxiety and fear climbed like a lift. His forehead sweat was evidence of his anxiety. He got received well and sat in the center of the hall. The house got cleaned for today’s occasion. But the relative crowd seemed a lot.

Cutlets, Sweets And savouries got served. My friend did not touch anything, but got busy by rehearsing all the valuable suggestions on what to ask and what not to. The girl came to the hall and served him coffee. Both family parents now decided that my friend and the girl can have a private talk. While they were deciding, my anxious friend was almost in the middle of the hall to join hands with the girl for a chat. Few relatives were giggling about his eagerness.

The normal balcony, now seemed heaven for the girl. My friend’s mind now turned like an empty mind. He forgot all what he wanted to ask. The same feeling as we get in the exam hall when question paper is given. He stared at her and told, that he is a bit tensed. The girl also wanted to say the same, but smiled and empathized him.

They were speaking for some time and suddenly, the girl’s dad came inside their room with a plate of cutlet. My friend got pissed off literally. He took the plate in his hand and the girl and he shared some of their thoughts. He stared at the cutlet and the girl alternatively for every discussion they had, he got hungry, but he couldn’t eat. Yeah, everything has its own time. This is not time for eating. The heatless cutlet was turning hard and he turning soft and melting.

Time for him to leave and my friend’s father asked him… Do you like the girl?. My friend did not expect that question so quickly…. And tried to hide his embarrassed face. The entire relatives crowd is now looking at the guy’s face. The Future father in law is looking at the girl’s face. The guy is still processing his answer.

After a week,

 The guy and girl are in phone for hours together, asking “Then what else?”. What else then? Their marriage got fixed. Long live Indian arranged marriages


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