Am I Living

Year 2012

With some confusions in my mind and with a bit of unhappiness, i attempted to sleep.Without me recognizing, went into a sleep.

In my dream, A cat and a dog walked next to my bed. I was in a deep sleep.They woke me up and strangely started talking!. They asked me whether i am living. Since i did not understand the question, i asked them what they meant ?

The cat asked me are you happy? And the dog asked the same question. Now it got intruiging for me. I had to answer and they waited.

To answer both the questions, i replied that am living happily. The cat laughed and continued with another question…Are you living and happy ?  The dog looked at me and i pleaded with my eyes…do not ask any questions …. am yet to process the previous question….

Now, the clouds were clearing…if i was living to my fullest…then i would be always happy…Happiness seemed a byproduct and a state of mind!  

I turned towards the dog and the cat. They were gone!.They took away my unhappiness and my confusions…


Journey to Pyramids

Year 2012

I started off early from the Hidalgo Train station to Indios Verdes. I got exited about my first visit to a  pyramid. I need to take a bus from the Indios Verdes to the Pyramids.

The Weather got a bit hasty and started drizzling. I got an Acquaintance,  US citizen on his vacation after his graduation. He was sad that he never got through an Indian visa. I did not want to utter anything about the rejections that happen to Indians. I left a smile with him.

We reached the Pyramid site after an hour journey.  I couldn’t believe my eyes on the massive structures and efforts put up to make this piece of history. We saw some Mexicans selling Whistles, masks, polished stones, From miniatures, Tortoise miniatures and some more Souvenirs. I reserved few of the min my mind to buy it while i return back.

There were two main pyramids in perpendicular to each other. I was bending my mind to understand what would have been the logic, but got unsuccessful to meet the same knowledge the Teotihuacan had!. I Felt better when i stopped analyzing and started cherishing the beauty. I got the help of my acquaintance to take some photographs.

We started walking up the pyramid and felt tired in the first twenty steps itself. Again I Started thinking, how this place would have been useful for the Teotihuacan. Assumptions though some times baseless can cure the questions of the mind. I agreed with my mind that this would have bee na place to gather for the emperor to discuss with his Citizens.

After reaching the top of the pyramid, I felt a bit raised in my spirits. It seemed a few more steps walk to the heaven, from the top of the pyramid. After spending some time, I got down and bought the whistle for my son.

At the gate, when I stared back at the pyramids, The sun shines were glittering on some part of the pyramid, leaving it to looks like silver coated.  I now wanted to visit the pyramids in the Egypt.

Soul Walk

Year 2008

The Streets of Manali was a happening place. Loads of travelers, some for honey moon, some on family vacation and some on college trips. The September month and the chillness added to many more visitors.

I was holding her hand, we were walking on the happening streets of Manali. The Hadimbamatha temple we have seen in films, seemed so different in real. We took some photographs for our remembrance. While walking back, the streets got completely crowded. I was understanding that by her hard clasping of my hands. The warmth threw away the coldness in my body. She was new to the place and people, as I was. A sense of insecurity always clouded her. But she now knows, am there for her.

We both got into a small restaurant to avoid the crowd. They served dosa in Manali. She got into regular mode and took a masala dosa. I took a potato fry. We spoke some unnecessary topics at the unwanted time and place by words and eyes were speaking something else.

I felt like a free bird and Like the love birds. We went for a long walk, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder…. we will do many more long walks…the never ending soul walk….. Felt the love, completely  filling my divine….

Love you Dear

Year 2009

I got very happy when you arrived here my son. The world gave a warm welcome to you.. I always stood next to your cradle and touched your small fingers. Your cry for the milk was a ringtone for me. Almost after a one and half  days after you arrived here, we realized that you did not urinate.

My mind started panicking and rushed you back to the nursing home. The evening time in the nursing home got very crowded for the doctor had a very good name.

The doctor told that your genital did not have any problem but you would have not had enough milk to digest and urinate. They prescribed a drip (glucose) for you, so that you would have enough water in body. I went to the Pharmacy for buying them. I told the pharmacist, that I need a thinnest injection which would not harm your soft young arm.

The pharmacist could understand my concern, but gave the same injections which Doctors prescribed.

When I came to doctor, he understood that am so concerned about your pain for this. I and Mom got sent out of the room. A loud cry came from the room and Doctor called me and mom inside. Nurse gave you in my hand and asked to watch you until you pee.

Mom got tired and slept. It was almost 90 minutes and a warm shower washed my face and the panic of my heart.

A sense of relief swarmed me!. I love you my son.