Love you Dear

Year 2009

I got very happy when you arrived here my son. The world gave a warm welcome to you.. I always stood next to your cradle and touched your small fingers. Your cry for the milk was a ringtone for me. Almost after a one and half  days after you arrived here, we realized that you did not urinate.

My mind started panicking and rushed you back to the nursing home. The evening time in the nursing home got very crowded for the doctor had a very good name.

The doctor told that your genital did not have any problem but you would have not had enough milk to digest and urinate. They prescribed a drip (glucose) for you, so that you would have enough water in body. I went to the Pharmacy for buying them. I told the pharmacist, that I need a thinnest injection which would not harm your soft young arm.

The pharmacist could understand my concern, but gave the same injections which Doctors prescribed.

When I came to doctor, he understood that am so concerned about your pain for this. I and Mom got sent out of the room. A loud cry came from the room and Doctor called me and mom inside. Nurse gave you in my hand and asked to watch you until you pee.

Mom got tired and slept. It was almost 90 minutes and a warm shower washed my face and the panic of my heart.

A sense of relief swarmed me!. I love you my son.


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