Soul Walk

Year 2008

The Streets of Manali was a happening place. Loads of travelers, some for honey moon, some on family vacation and some on college trips. The September month and the chillness added to many more visitors.

I was holding her hand, we were walking on the happening streets of Manali. The Hadimbamatha temple we have seen in films, seemed so different in real. We took some photographs for our remembrance. While walking back, the streets got completely crowded. I was understanding that by her hard clasping of my hands. The warmth threw away the coldness in my body. She was new to the place and people, as I was. A sense of insecurity always clouded her. But she now knows, am there for her.

We both got into a small restaurant to avoid the crowd. They served dosa in Manali. She got into regular mode and took a masala dosa. I took a potato fry. We spoke some unnecessary topics at the unwanted time and place by words and eyes were speaking something else.

I felt like a free bird and Like the love birds. We went for a long walk, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder…. we will do many more long walks…the never ending soul walk….. Felt the love, completely  filling my divine….


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