Am I Living

Year 2012

With some confusions in my mind and with a bit of unhappiness, i attempted to sleep.Without me recognizing, went into a sleep.

In my dream, A cat and a dog walked next to my bed. I was in a deep sleep.They woke me up and strangely started talking!. They asked me whether i am living. Since i did not understand the question, i asked them what they meant ?

The cat asked me are you happy? And the dog asked the same question. Now it got intruiging for me. I had to answer and they waited.

To answer both the questions, i replied that am living happily. The cat laughed and continued with another question…Are you living and happy ?  The dog looked at me and i pleaded with my eyes…do not ask any questions …. am yet to process the previous question….

Now, the clouds were clearing…if i was living to my fullest…then i would be always happy…Happiness seemed a byproduct and a state of mind!  

I turned towards the dog and the cat. They were gone!.They took away my unhappiness and my confusions…


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