Letters to her!

Year 2004-2007

—-Notes from my Diaries—

The daily mornings where I got lazy to get up, now changed according to your schedule. A girl is most beautiful in the mornings I believe..The look of yours just out of bed and trying to shed you laziness should have been heavenly, but I never saw.

While we were walking from the guest house to the bus stand for catching office bus, I Love the way you walk. Your half looks are penetrating deep into my brain. The dupatta got well used to make you more homely.Though,we are not talking to us for a smaller fight, I still love seeing you from a distance. The Distance between us, is widening!  but would that dare to stop me loving you?

Some parts of my life, while am in solitude, I just bring your face in my thoughts. Your know what? Solitude evaporates in fraction of seconds. The solitude ice bath seemed a steam bath  of your thoughts. The warmth my mind acquires of you, would it be described in words..it won’t be.

When you threw a glance, i feel like my bank balance reaching billions. The Euphoria pour in me. The days were passing by and adding to weeks, to months and to years. Later when you disposed  my proposal, I did not feel that you disposed me… It was just, going a day back in my life where you would have not known my love

So you really do not know that I love you,  or just acting up as the other masses do… just to pull me in confrontation with my happiness? As my father rightly said to his friend “Harvesting too much of Bore is of no use”. I am off now of the clouds, doesn’t mean you are off of my mind. You live always here in a small heart.

See you later!


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