Year 2012

This Sunday Afternoon, my roommate called me to accompany him for shopping. Galleria seemed the spot for all Indians to shop in Guadalajara.  I told my room mate that, i got a bit tired and had to sleep.He left alone for shopping. I know he is going to shop for his girlfriend. I did not want to interfere his tastes on whatever he planned to shop.

While my friend waited for bus and had loads of time to enjoy nature, also waited for someone to guide him. An old man watching my friend, offered help to guide.

He gave the bus number, the stop to get down and the time taken for the journey. The old man, who could not speak much english… thought for a while and decided to travel with my friend to drop him at Galleria. He bought the six peso ticket and travelled with my roomie until his destination.

Later when they arrived at their destination…the old man crossed the road and took a bus back to his origin. My friend …all the time got mesmerized by the act of the man.

Language and time were not barrier for the old man to shower his love for fellow human.


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