On this day,

While am reading all my emails… I see a bunch of Birthday wishes from the people whom I do business with. The banks, Travel agencies and insurance companies, automate systems to wish me over email… exactly at 00:00 hours. After those wishes, I see my best buddies from school have emailed a bunch of wishes. People scattered around the world, but the wishes on inbox seems heavenly.

Above all these, the wish from my wife,mom,son, brothers adds more joy to my joyous mind.

Just switching to check my Facebook an a lot of wishes from all over the world. Social networking, brought the world into a small pocket. But in all these joys, why am I still waiting to hear back from a special person ?  The longest wait I have ever made, for 11 years. I know that person would not call or email me. Because for the truth, that person never remembers my birthday exactly on my birthday.

Last time I heard from that person was in 2001. Year to year, its like a good wait, just to know I won’t get a wish. Though I don’t get a wish through the mail or phone, I am sure that am getting wished Deep from the heart of that person.

I remember the words of William Wordsworth from Solitary reaper, seems to suit my situation.

The music in my heart I bore,
Long after it was heard no more.



Year 2004

I & my best buddy were traveling on the metropolitan bus to take up our trainings. We usually travel about 12km together one-way.

Today we were due to give our assignments. This travel time is the best space for us to discuss about everything. While I asked about assignments, my friend did not answer & was in deep thought. I thought he did not complete them.

The assignment is the major asset we should have for choice of being an employee in the leading IT Company.

Until we got down from the bus, the guy did not utter a word. I was pretty sure he did not complete the assignments. I told him not to worry. I can share my assignments & he can take a copy this time.

Tears were rolling from his eyes. I asked him not to cry for this silly thing. For which his cold voice replied, that his mother got diagnosed with cancer & she wouldn’t make up more than 3 months.

All he needed was assignment of my shoulder to hold him for some time.