Excuse Me!

Year 2004

I borrowed my Friend’s Motor Bike & went to Anna Salai Chennai. I had to buy a shoe from Khadims & had to buy a Philips Iron box. After buying all the items, I was returning home. The Sun was ripping the skin & I had to switch back lanes to hide behind the Metropolitan bus shadow.

In Chennai Anna Salai, the Auto & motor Cycles has to take the right most of the lanes. My bad time I was in the left most lane & the Traffic Cop stopped me along with another guy.

As usual, he started to the other guy… Do you have driving license, does the vehicle has RC, Insurance & pollution certificates.  After verifying those, he came to me.

Before him asking me anything, I asked in ENGLISH… Excuse me Sir…Can you please tell me the route to T.Nagar. I asked this question as if I do not know the way.

He replied,

Sir, go to right lane Sir…Straight Sir…Devar Statue in Nandanam Sir…Right Cutting … T.Nagar Sir.

I thanked him. Thanked god and took off to home.

While I forced myself on the right lane to avoid any further violations, my mind was thinking, why in Tamilnadu we do not respect people who talk Tamil. Do we really give respect to Dhothi (not the politician border Dhothi).

The Police let me go because he felt very happy to talk in ENGLISH. Situation was created for him to feel happy & important.

Year 2010

Even after 62 years of Independence from the British, We still are slaves to the language they left. The language itself is a major positive for India to grow financially. On the other hand, the language by itself is a major drawback for us – which had slowed down our growth rate.

Long Live English!

Long Long Live Tamil!


Give & Get

I was riding my new bike Honda – Unicorn.   My brother was pillion rider and I was riding it in the congested streets of Tnagar – Chennai.

The Smell of tobacco suddenly swirled my nose.  The water washed vehicle doom was now fully soused by tobacco remains. The mind easily identified the sinner in a fraction. It was the prior bike rider, who spit it.

There was no point in chasing him. To vent my anger I used unparliamentary language. He heard the word and abruptly stopped his bike and questioned me why I used such language. I wanted to justify my act, but hearing that he accidentally spit, I repented for the word..

I left the place answering him that I used the word accidentally too.

My normal riding rhythm got altered by the incident. I accelerated much and at a pedestrian crossing, I wanted to pass the people who were waiting to cross the road.

I got forced to use my disc brakes, to bring the vehicle stationary. The people are already half way past in the road.

I heard the exact word which I used some time before, coming to me from a eunuch. Also the eunuch yelled at me “Go slow”.

I went slowly in mind.