Nature’s Lessons

Year 2012

The streets of Las Fuentes seemed very good for people who wanted to walk alone. I always liked my lone walk, though not to the unknown. Every other street converged in a small round turn. The round turns had a small fountain.The water sprayed from it turned out as a minor drizzling. Kids started playing in fountain, they did not bother whether it was clean.

I started walking to deposit my pay check in the bank. The rain left a damp foot path. The wet mud fragrance got fresh and sweet. I made my walk a bit slow to see around. To see things which I mostly missed in my normal walks. In my walks of life.

The Snail was trying to cross the road, slowly and Steadily. I liked it perseverance. The ants were marching to new home. Hope their home got washed away. But they did not bother about living in one place. They were easily adapting to the situation.

The birds were singing happily and it relaxed my mind and soothed me. The nature started occupying me and my mind got relatively dissolved in the current moment. I moved my eyes to see the farthest which i commonly do not do. Seeing the far seemed a good thing. The Boulevard seemed the way to heaven.

While back from the bank, I saw the snail went to opposite side and made it because of perseverance. The ants were gone for good. The birds were busy in their work. The kids still enjoying their fountain bath. And I, started to see the farthest again. The heaven is nothing but what place we consider it be.

Nature taught me so many lessons this day!