Year 2012

This Sunday Afternoon, my roommate called me to accompany him for shopping. Galleria seemed the spot for all Indians to shop in Guadalajara.  I told my room mate that, i got a bit tired and had to sleep.He left alone for shopping. I know he is going to shop for his girlfriend. I did not want to interfere his tastes on whatever he planned to shop.

While my friend waited for bus and had loads of time to enjoy nature, also waited for someone to guide him. An old man watching my friend, offered help to guide.

He gave the bus number, the stop to get down and the time taken for the journey. The old man, who could not speak much english… thought for a while and decided to travel with my friend to drop him at Galleria. He bought the six peso ticket and travelled with my roomie until his destination.

Later when they arrived at their destination…the old man crossed the road and took a bus back to his origin. My friend …all the time got mesmerized by the act of the man.

Language and time were not barrier for the old man to shower his love for fellow human.


Cost to Company

June 2010

After a long time, I got a chance to chat with my school friend. He returned from Europe to India for good. After me inquiring him about his wellness & his family’s… The very first question from him was…

What is your Cost to Company (CTC) ?

I questioned him, why he wanted to know my CTC… for which he replied that he could compare him against mine. Personally, I do not like any comparisons, but to please him I gave an answer. After a minute of thought, he replied that he is taking One lakh rupees lesser than me.

Also he told, that he must talk to his manager on the same. My reactions did not have any choice than to affirm him.

Couple of months later, I heard from him that he is getting CTC equal to mine. Why would I let him know that I got a hike this August ?

Cost to Company … Costing some relations…

Blood group – Mind group

My Sister recently came out of college in flying colors. She is not my biological sister, but my friend’s sister is logically my sister. Her dreams to make into the Silicon Valley industry of India came true.

She joined one the major IT firm in India. Her training went well & she anticipated to land up in a good team. True, even an extremely talented person should get recognized by her/his manager to succeed.

She is known for her soft skills. She is so friendly & natural. When I go to her house, she makes me feel at my home. After two months of her IT industry experience, she was narrating her experience with her team mates.

She complemented her team-mate about her appearance & she got an acute reply of “I am not your appraiser”.  Hearing this, my sister felt very insulted.

How dumb my sister’s colleague was! Actually it also proves two things about her colleague. One is the inferiority complex her colleague posses about her appearance & the other is, that her colleague does cajoling work to her manager to get appraised well.

My Sister also explained, that people travelling with her in bus {during her commute to office} behaves totally different from what they are in office. They wear the experienced guy/girl dress & act as diplomatic & professional, but they actually end up as stupid clown / buffoon.

This industry really had inhibited many people’s heart. They are not capable of taking a positive compliment from a colleague. Not sure how these guys would take the comments on the appraisal sessions.

Later after this incident,

She met the same person in a blood donation camp. For the sake of asking, her colleague asked the blood group of my sister and told her blood group as B+.

My sister, after a thought understood that these people are only positive in their blood groups and not in attitude. She decided to ignore these negative group of people in her life.

She is happy!.

Bangalore BMTC Bus

Year 2010

If you have travelled in Bangalore BMTC bus, you would experience some thing very different. This kind of experience you probably would have not faced in entire south India.

The conductors behave the worst when it comes to morality. Not all the conductors, but mostly. The minimum fare ticket of rupees 3 is never given to the public. The conductor takes 2 or 3 rupee for a 5 rupee journey.

All these money goes directly into their pocket. These people think that this is also a kind of entrepreneurship.  Government spends money on Diesel & these conductors fill their pocket instead of the BMTC accounts.

I am seeing this for the past 2.5 years & I do not think that BMTC management cares much on it. They somehow want to gain profit & raise the fare without any base.

People, who travel for small distances, easily capitalize this opportunity. No ticket checkers & no one to question.

Long live BMTC!

Lab Technician

My Cousin was taking up his lab technician course. He narrated the following incident.

The Theory class is always dull & practical class is always fun. The teacher uses the class students as subjects.  Blood, Urine or any samples would be take from the students. So there is no need to roam here & there to get samples. The Students also found this as a best way to find out blood group or get their urine tested.

One day, the teacher asked a guy to bring Stool. Specification were that he should excrete in the early morning and bring some sample.

It was 10am.

After regular classes, she inquired whether the guy had brought some stool sample. He open his bag and took out a  1/2 kg Horlicks bottle filled completely with Stool.

He did not pass the practical exams for his stupid act. He is now a senior lab technician in one of the leading private hospitals in Chennai.

Friday Songs

Year 1998

It’s Friday and was rushing to home From Physics/Chemistry tuition –  in my MTB Rock shock cycle. I love to watch the ஒலியும் ஒளியும் Tamil song program in Doordarshan(now called the Podhigai).My home did not have a satellite TV . So this is the only song package which I get for an entire week.

On Fridays the Physics/Chemistry tuition seems a bit heavy for my mind.  This particular program was very famous until the satellite TV & DTH came into India.

There was a friend of mine who always accompanies girls as body guards. He never looked like a body-guard. He always thinks that he is a savior for all girls.

While returning from tuition, he did not give way for my overtake. He just blocked my path & was teasing me. The girls were showing as if they were happy by his actions.

My plea to get way got ignored many times. I got pissed off. Also, I had less than 10 minutes to reach home and the program starts in 10 minutes. I just some how sneaked a small gap and cut down his path. I heard a huge cry sound. Darn, he got thrown off the cycle and was sliding the road.

When I turned back & saw him, his shirt & trouser looked like rags.  I did not have much time to attend him. Heard from the girls that they attended him & helped him to reach home.

I went home and found that there was no power supply.


My Office has a small recreation room. The facility comprises of  a Chess board, a Table Tennis  board & a gym.

The recreation room normally gets crowded from 11am. Most of them always play Table Tennis. Since I do not know to play TT, I started learning it. Because I’ve gone past my childhood, I had some presumption on my learning ability.

I believed that it was a tough job to play Table tennis. Indeed it turned out to be a tough job, when the best players were mocking at me. These best players mock at everyone who were just starting to learn.

I did not understand why they behaved that way & their attitude sucked.

Recently I shifted myself to play Chess rather than TT.  Since only one Chess board was there, it got more attention from many players. These players  deemed themselves as best players under the shelter of some really good players. Unfortunately these players turned out to be managers too.

Whenever I go to play chess, there will be a crowd around the chess board asking the 2 players to move the move which they have in mind.

The recreation room always turned out to be a menace room. All my life  I’ve seen best performers being modest. But, here I always get pissed off by the attitude the best players have. They always wanted to show off.

They spoil the mood, the game and their respect. Today I plan to quit the recreation room & those guys.