ChickHen – Sex Education

I was 6 years old.

My Grandma was preparing the eggs, laid by my country hen for hatching. She kept the eggs on a basket full of mud and top layer covered with husk. I was not aware that it would take 20+ days to hatch and was keenly watching the basket for the egg to hatch. Laughing at my ignorance on this, my grandma told that it would take 20 days & asked me to wait until that!

After 20 days when the eggs hatched, I was convinced on the subject how chick came out of the egg. Even though I did not understand how it went in. To solve the doubt I went to my mom and asked

How children are born?

I got the standard answer what parents give. “God will give to every married lady!” Mom replied.

“How will god know who is getting married“, I asked.

I got a tight slap from her. Crying and confused I left the place.

I am now not sure, how I would educate my kid if he/she asks the same at that age. Is Sex education required at that age?