Journey to Pyramids

Year 2012

I started off early from the Hidalgo Train station to Indios Verdes. I got exited about my first visit to a  pyramid. I need to take a bus from the Indios Verdes to the Pyramids.

The Weather got a bit hasty and started drizzling. I got an Acquaintance,  US citizen on his vacation after his graduation. He was sad that he never got through an Indian visa. I did not want to utter anything about the rejections that happen to Indians. I left a smile with him.

We reached the Pyramid site after an hour journey.  I couldn’t believe my eyes on the massive structures and efforts put up to make this piece of history. We saw some Mexicans selling Whistles, masks, polished stones, From miniatures, Tortoise miniatures and some more Souvenirs. I reserved few of the min my mind to buy it while i return back.

There were two main pyramids in perpendicular to each other. I was bending my mind to understand what would have been the logic, but got unsuccessful to meet the same knowledge the Teotihuacan had!. I Felt better when i stopped analyzing and started cherishing the beauty. I got the help of my acquaintance to take some photographs.

We started walking up the pyramid and felt tired in the first twenty steps itself. Again I Started thinking, how this place would have been useful for the Teotihuacan. Assumptions though some times baseless can cure the questions of the mind. I agreed with my mind that this would have bee na place to gather for the emperor to discuss with his Citizens.

After reaching the top of the pyramid, I felt a bit raised in my spirits. It seemed a few more steps walk to the heaven, from the top of the pyramid. After spending some time, I got down and bought the whistle for my son.

At the gate, when I stared back at the pyramids, The sun shines were glittering on some part of the pyramid, leaving it to looks like silver coated.  I now wanted to visit the pyramids in the Egypt.