God of Flying

God of Flying:

Flying is one thing we always wanted to do without external devices. The ongoing evolution had inhibited our thoughts by constantly saying, “that we can’t fly”. Human, definitely would have flew in earlier stages – before 10000BC. As God of Science wanted to grow more in power, it had sent some Negative will power to human, for restricting themselves from what they were doing.

God of Flying (Science related) to manifest itself, left a clue in DNA of human. The DNA ran through thousands of years and on one fine day ended in Wright Brothers Body. He was the one who had the Capability to read his DNA & found that Flying was possible, which paved way for all of us to fly now by the modern machines.


God of Silence

God of Silence:

Silence…. Most spoken language in the entire UNIVERSE.

When I was in my school days, I felt some thing weird happening to me at times.

The same thing happened to many of my friends.

That is ————————Silence————————

Its 5 minutes for the “Strict” Chemistry class & people are yelling and playing in the class room. We all were happy  about the forth coming long Diwali vacation (An INDIAN festival).

We all anticipated our teacher to come into class room at any time.

And at that instant a long PIN DROP DEAD SILENCE came into everyone. No one talked or even took a breath. I have never understood why this silence occupied everyone at the same time.

A possible reason from a philosophical point of view is that, GOD at times shows his/her presence like this. According to Hindus,  being thoughtless is the existence of god. Thoughtlessness comes when we are silent, or focused on something. Let’s take silence in this case. So silence indirectly is showing that god is with us….

Silence is God.

My Own One Liner’s


  • If you feel that am making you unhappy, then you expected more from me than what you deserve
  • When Some pain comes to me when am away from home, I think of the people in home…. I realize that i am taking all these for them.
  • If we know what we want, we would never be unhappy…..If we know why we are unhappy, we will know what we want…
  • Never propose Twice “To the same Girl”
  • Open Chest… Broad Mind
  • Semi Naked Body … Fully Naked Mind
  • The Fear of Death is not in Death… But Is in the Pain of Death
  • Knowing the purpose of the life, reduces the pains in life.
  • Never be some one, if you can be yourselves
  • If I have decided to die, why would I cry?
  • Become more fortunate by helping the less fortunate
  • Why the dead are called LATE! when they are actually EARLY ?

Before Dying

We are born in this world for a PURPOSE. We live our life without recognizing it  & eventually we die.

Even if we are not getting the cause of our life, we can make it spicy by doing something to satisfy ourselves before our death.

The outcome made me to write this post.

Main aim now is to list them 🙂

To do List

  • Travel to all states & UT’s in India.
  • Visit at least 25 countries
  • Paragliding/Parasailing
  • Travel in Fighter aircraft
  • Learn 1 foreign language
  • Do a Guinness Record/ Limca Record
  • Collect something weird
  • Visit Seven wonders of the world (all times)
  • Taking Photograph or meeting  – with 50 celebrities
  • To Visit 3 tallest Building & Bridge
  • To Taste the world’s best Champagne, Wine, Liqueur, Tea & Coffee
  • Watch a war zone
  • Go for live in concert
  • Visit TajMahal with my Wife
  • Watch India Vs Pakistan Test match
  • See a Mainframe computer
  • Buy a Rolex
  • Do a Public Speech
  • Own a small library
  • Create a customized bar inside home
  • Buy a diamond to my mom
  • To Travel in Cruise
  • Witness the most endangered species
  • Volunteer for UNICEF
  • Own a perfume gallery
  • Sponsor a child for studies
  • Participate in a TV show
  • Travel in Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Swim in Dead Sea
  • To feel a mild earthquake
  • Witness a volcano eruption
  • Touch or go closer to a Black Mamba & King Cobra
  • Ride a bike at 220 Kmph.
  • See Magic Show by David Blaine/David Copperfield/Sarkar PC
  • Run in Marathon
  • Attend a Conference
  • Do Sky Diving
  • Watch a world cup Football match Live!!!
  • Do Bungee Jumping
  • Watch a Rocket Launch
  • Attend Republic day/Independence day celebration in New Delhi
  • Go in Roller Coaster
  • Go in world’s tallest Ferris wheel – Singapore Flyer
  • To handle a Gun/Rifle
  • Do a Master’s Degree
  • Fly in Hot Air Balloon
  • Write a book (Not published necessarily)
  • Read the Kamasutra
  • Watch a Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Sing a song for my child
  • Dinner with Celebrity
  • Do Ramp Walk
  • Buy a high-end SLR Camera
  • Long cycle journey
  • Watch A380 Bus Build
  • To Visit a Gallow
  • Watch a Tornado/Cyclone
  • To run a Business
  • Read at least 50 Autobiographies/Biographies
  • Lone Holiday in private island
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Visit NASA/CERN
  • Trip in Submarine(preferably Atlantis)
  • Have food in Underwater Hotel
  • Visit African Rain forest or Amazon
  • Visit Kailashnath temple in Himalayas
  • To see a F1 race car
  • To listen to a music composing
  • To walk the Roads to Santiago
  • To see a Sperm Whale
  • To visit Maya/Inca/Aztec civilizations
  • To see an Atom bomb/Nuclear reactor
  • To Meet Paulo Coelho
  • To Visit Vatican City
  • To travel in Train engine.
  • Build a website
  • Do White water rafting