My Friend was going to United States on long-term assignment. He was involved in a complete shopping spree. On a Saturday evening, he requested me to accompany him in shopping.

We went to Globus- a leading retailer of ready-made goods & he was picking up jacket, some sweat shirts, Thermal wears, socks, belts and loaded his bag completely.

While we were about to bill the goods, he said that he forgot to buy inner wears. I asked him to grab and come soon, but he forced me to come to the inner wear section. I was no way interested to know his hip or shoulder size.

He asked the guy in the counter to get him all dark-colored inner. I did not understand the logic behind this and asked him why not light colors?

He casually said “We cannot see the grime in dark colors”.

He did not answer my question “Why would he use the inner for more than a day & why would it be visible to others “


Nailed Tree

I was waiting in ZEBRA crossing for the signal to turn green. The normally greenish tree today looked dull.

I went near it and saw some 20 small posters stuck on it. Initially it looked like pasted, But then I realized that these posters were either nailed or stapled in the tree. These small advertisements on the tree made it look so dull form its normal look.

There were 1000’s of passerby who were not seeing the tree bleeding. I am also helpless, couldn’t remove all pin from its body.

My Bus came & circumstance forced me to move from the tree. Before leaving, I touched the tree and said “Jesus took only few nails on him”.


Year 1990 – My age 10 years

I crave for Moral Science class & I always loved the subject. But today since the teacher was not feeling well, Geography teacher substituted the hour.

People were yelling and the teacher was losing her patience.

Our class had a gigantic girl who was the class Monitor. She got reckoned to fill the black board with the names of people who are talking. At one point of time the board was filled up with names.

The teacher lost her patience and exclaimed “Pin drop Silence”.

There was pin drop silence for a second & the Monitor FARTED so loudly… the class roared with laughter.


Year 2003

After my prayers in temple on Saturday evening, I visited her house. Her parents were so good and treated me as their son.

Every day is not the same. I was seated in the hall. Her father returned home a bit drunk.

He sat just opposite to me with a glass of whisky & forced me to play chess with him. I agreed reluctantly.

While we were playing, he asked me to name the most valuable thing in the world.

I replied “Mothers love”.

He asked me to think rationally than emotionally & gave me further 3 to 4 chances. I didn’t succeed to answer what was in his mind.

He exclaimed “time” and threw his glass violently, on the floor.

I couldn’t disagree there which would continue the topic. I did disagree in mind because, if Time was valuable… why this guy wasted my time.

Jaded Dress Faded Heart

Year 1997 – My Age 17 years

I took one of the best dresses from my closet. Indeed it had very less new items. Pressed/Ironed it perfectly & Started to my friend’s home.

When I pushed the calling bell, I was invited with a big smile by his mom. Their family was already in upper class and had all the pleasures of life, which they thought as pleasure.

I asked for him, and she replied that he was sleeping. She asked me to wait and went inside his bedroom to wake him up. After giving me a glass of water she told “While coming to our house, come in good dress, your dress seems too shabby”.

I felt very insulted, embarrassed and was about to leave the place. My friend appeared before us and I had to act as if I acknowledge her.

The faded dress made a faded heart that day… Today the incident got retrieved from my faded memory.