Port of Entry

Terminal 3: Chicago Airport: 2007 January 29

The port of entry welcomed me very well. The Immigration officer asked me some questions and stamped my passport with the validity dates. I had to call my friend in Cincinnati, to pick me up from Airport. I hardly had any coins, so I picked up a packet of chips from the nearest store & got back the change for 20$ bill.

After spending half-dollar for the call, I couldn’t tally the remaining coins. I took my boarding pass from Delta Airlines. I waited in the lobby with the coins in my hand and trying to tally it.

A girl of 21 years old sat near me & questioned what I am doing with the coins. I replied, I am doing a math to tally out a 20$ bill. She took the coins and helped me tally it. My ignorance of the value of 1 dime was the cause of my confusion. I told her that, since 1 dime is smaller in size than 1 cent, I was thinking it could be half cent.  She grinned & replied there is no half cent in US now.

She showed her ID card which read US military. She understood the questions in my face and answered that she worked for US military & now worked in Germany on deputation.

I introduced myself of my software assignments in Ohio.  She quickly asked which city & I replied Cincinnati. She replied that she was also traveling to Cincinnati in the same flight.

After the take off, we were talking for about 30 minutes. She was telling about her father’s deputation in Iraq & her brother’s work in white house. She tore a paper from the airline magazine & wrote her mobile, email address.  After arriving Cincinnati, she helped me call my friend with her phone. We bid adieu.  We had contacts in mail for few months & later we lost touch.

October 2009

While social networking, I thought of adding her in the list. I searched for her, & got shocked to learn that she got murdered year and half back. The saddest part was, she was 7 month pregnant while murdered.

The murderer was later identified and sentenced to death. I was unable to digest these sequence of events, why she came in my life and went away.

January 2010,

I washed my backpack and while drying it found a small piece of paper in it. The paper where she wrote her contact details still lived inside.

read more about it : http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,372707,00.html