Sea Food

Year 2006 – Hotel Basera – Chennai

The Re-Union of our school mates got arranged in Hotel Basera. All of us gathered at the correct time and everyone started ordering starters as off their choice.

One guy in our batch, always had a love for Sea food. Also his religion did not allow him to eat any non Halal food. So mostly he preferred Sea Food.

The beer slowly couched well in many of the mates tummy and triggered the stomach to order the main course.

While the bearer stood elegantly to take our order, this guy rushed to order and his tongue slipped and asked, “Do you have SHE foods?”

The Bearer did not understand the difference between the Sea & the She and he coolly replied, we have “Frawn Fry” Sir!

Listening to the chat between our friend and the bearer, all of us roared in laughter.

Both of them did not understand why we were laughing….


Rear View Mirror

We all know that the Rear view mirror on the any vehicle, serves the purpose to drive safely.

I found that there were more uses of the rear view mirror of my Motor bike. I used to catch sight of the girls who drive in front of me, by using their rear view mirror.  Their rear view mirrors though did not always showed a picture perfect image of them, never denied to show their eyes. That gave a bit of kick.

I have made the mistake of sighting the girls who are coming behind me, by viewing them  in my rear view mirror.  At times have ended up kissing the vehicle before me.

Recently, I read a post on the same rear view mirror by Vivian & it seems he has done a research on this!

The link to that is

Lab Technician

My Cousin was taking up his lab technician course. He narrated the following incident.

The Theory class is always dull & practical class is always fun. The teacher uses the class students as subjects.  Blood, Urine or any samples would be take from the students. So there is no need to roam here & there to get samples. The Students also found this as a best way to find out blood group or get their urine tested.

One day, the teacher asked a guy to bring Stool. Specification were that he should excrete in the early morning and bring some sample.

It was 10am.

After regular classes, she inquired whether the guy had brought some stool sample. He open his bag and took out a  1/2 kg Horlicks bottle filled completely with Stool.

He did not pass the practical exams for his stupid act. He is now a senior lab technician in one of the leading private hospitals in Chennai.

Happy Scouting

Year   1994
Place  Hogenakkal

I was in my standard 8th. I was an active member of Scouting. This year, we went to Hogenakkal for our annual camp. The camp area looked so good & like a forest. The heat of the place, dehydrated my body quickly. I had to take up lemon juice or water continuously. Otherwise, I would end up burning my genitals.

The place we slept and the toilets got separated by a 250 meter stretch. I was the only scout running to toilet quite often & got teased for the same.

At 11 am one morning,

I went to take bath. The boys & girls side got separated just by a coconut leaf thatch.Yeah you guessed it right, the one used for roofing in village sides. I went in boy’s side & got stricken by horror.

My senior’s were peeping through the Coconut leaf thatch seeing the girl’s bathroom. One of my batch mate was guarding outside. He did not stop me while I entered the bathroom area. All he did was giggling & waiting for his chance to peep.

I got threatened by my seniors. I had to keep my mouth shut or else they all would beat me up. I left the place helpless.

Do I really need to say that the person who guarded outside is one of the best scouts of my state?

Happy Scouting…


Year 1997

Today my punctuality to school got tested  by a cycle puncture. It was Holi, So I have to buy the color powder too. Got punished for coming late – by standing outside the school gate for almost 30 minutes.

But the forth coming enjoyment about Holi  shadowed the embarrassment. The normal class hours ran so quickly. Through out the day, i was planning on whom should I play Holi.

I made a list of girls & boys. The girls were taking up the top 15 positions. Guys were at the lowest end of the list & got the last priority.

It was 3:45pm and last period of Physics class was over. Everyone ran out of the class. They started playing Holi inside the class room.

To avoid any suspensions from school, I opted to go to cycle stand. When i went there,   I understood that i was very late. My list of 15 girls were already in full colors.

Also I saw a senior playing Holi with my class girl. It never seemed playing like holi than Molestation. The girl was also smiling and allowed him to touch all over her.

I was searching one of the remaining 14 to play holi.